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As we age, our teeth begin to change and are prone to decay and discolouration. Teeth that are decayed and which have old or broken fillings or which have had root canal work may not be suitable for a filling and a crown is often necessary for a perfect restoration to improve your smile once more and to maintain your chewing ability.

Crown Types

Crowns are generally all porcelain or porcelain fused with metal base (for extra strength). Occasionally gold is used on back teeth to improve function.

The dentist will advise you which type of crown is suitable for you.


Generally this takes 2-3 visits.

Visit 1

Your tooth is numbed and prepared for the crown. An impression is taken and a temporary crown is provided for you so that at no stage are you without your tooth.

Visit 2

Normally takes place two weeks later. The tooth is numbed again and the temporary crown removed.

Your crown is then fitted and we take care to ensure that they fit, feel and look of the crown are correct. When you are happy, the dentist will cement in the crown with a special dental cement and you can look forward with confidence to your new smile.

Visit 3

Occasionally a third visit is required to ensure a superior fit for your crown.

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